Provider productivity.

Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions works with you to achieve your goals of increasing engagement, maximizing coordination and improving efficiencies — all while decreasing wasted resources, time and money. It’s a smart solution that creates productive providers, happy patients and a healthy bottom line.

What are the barriers to an efficient OR process?

Support Areas


  • Estimated times in scheduling system inaccurate
  • Last minute changes disrupt flow
  • Case order inhibits efficiency
  • Parallel rooms not scheduled optimally

Pre-Operative Area

  • Variable times when patients are told to arrive
  • Last minute tests cause delays

Central Sterile

  • Missing instruments not documented
  • Preference cards are incorrect
  • Some trays must be rapidly processed, but are not ready

Operating Room


  • Lack of standardized process
  • Waiting for EVS to arrive
  • Moving same tray multiple times during room setup
  • Lack of agreed definition of room readiness
  • Multiple discussions to decide who will get the pt. and when

Patient in to OR

  • Timely transportation of patient to bed
  • Lack of standardized processes for preparing patient

Process improvement method.

Personalized solutions.

By pairing the right implant with a personalized fit, you get a truly tailored experience.

  • Templating allows the surgeons to determine implant size in advance; this is designed to result in fewer implants and instruments, with a goal to increase operating room efficiencies
  • Personalized positioning guides streamline total knee replacement surgery and reduce instrumentation by ensuring reproducible guide fixation
  • iASSIST® alignment technology helps the surgeon align implants to each patient’s unique anatomy without pre-operative imaging